About the readyforwhatsnext model.

What is readyforwhatsnext?

readyforwhatsnext is a prototype modular and open source economic model of youth mental health that is being implemented in R. The project is led by researchers at Monash University.

What makes readyforwhatsnext model modular?

readyforwhatsnext is developed with ready4 - a software framework for transparent, reusable and updatable health economic models. The model is comprised of four sub-models. Each sub-model is comprised of model modules that can be independently reused (e.g., in other models) and safely and flexibly combined (e.g., to model more extensive systems).

What is it being used for?

Currently, readyforwhatsnext is being applied to explore multiple economic topics in youth mental health.

Can I use it?

readyforwhatsnext is publicly available and free for you to assess (to verify and validate), apply (to generate novel insights into decision problems of interest to you) and to derive your own derivative works from (to leverage and enhance the work of others) under liberal terms of use.

Why is it a prototype?

Currently readyforwhatsnext model software is only available in the form of development releases. That means readyforwhatsnext modules may require more development, documentation and testing before they could be confidently used for scientific purposes other than the specific studies to which our development team have already applied it.

Can I help?

readyforwhatsnext is a collaborative project and we’d love your help in progressing our priorty project goals! You can help fund our development, contribute code improvements, enhance our documentation and community support, give us advice and/or lead a modelling project.

Where should I go next?

We’d recommend reading the documentation in the order in which sections appear in the table of contents (so go next to Examples, then to Getting started and so on). A scientific manuscript is also available.

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