Our priorities

Our current list of priorities for the development of readyforwhatsnext shape when and how we need your help.

Priority 1: Launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We want to give potential users confidence that they can appropriately apply readyforwhatsnext to their decision problems by bringing all our existing development release and unreleased software to production release status.

Priority 2: Maintain readyforwhatsnext

We want the readyforwhatsnext to continually improve and update in response to the needs of potential users and stakeholders.

Priority 3: Apply readyforwhatsnext to undertake replications and transfers

We want readyforwhatsnext to be used to implement replications and transfersof the original studies for which that software was developed.

Priority 4: Grow a user community

We want to develop a community of readyforwhatsnext users, contributors and stakeholders to sustain the development, maintenance, application, extension and impact of the project.

Priority 5: Extend the scope of the readyforwhatsnext model

We want progressively extend the capability of readyforwhatsnext to explore new economic topics in youth mental health.

Priority 6: Integrate readyforwhatsnext software with other open source tools

We want coders and modellers working in languages such as python to be able to readily use and contribute to readyforwhatsnext.

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