System requirements

What you need in order to be able to use readyforwhatsnext model software on your machine.

Currently, all readyforwhatsnext model software is written in R (for model module libraries), R Markdown (for analysis programs and reporting sub-routines) and JavaScript (for the user interface component of Shiny applications) using the ready4 framework.


  • to use readyforwhatsnext model module libraries and programs / subroutines you must have an up to date version of R and the ready4 R library installed on your machine and it is recommended that you install the RStudio IDE; and

  • the requirements for using readyforwhatsnext model user interfaces depend on whether you are running a version we have deployed to the web (in which case you just need a supported browser) or whether you are running the app on your local machine (in which case you will need R, the ready4 library and RStudio).

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