Fund projects

Help us secure our future and accelerate our development.


Provide cash or in-kind resources to support us to achieve any or all of our priority goals:


We are seeking support from multiple different types of funder. At this early stage of our development we would expect that the most impactful way of supporting ready4’s development will be to award funding for that purpose directly to Monash University. Other ways to support ready4 will be to fund readyforwhatsnext modelling projects led by other research institutions and which may or may not be formally affiliated with us.


The two main categories of funding we seek are:

  1. Core infrastructure. Essential to the success of priorities 1-2 and 3-6 above is adequately resourced support infrastructure. Financial support we receive for this purpose will primarily be dedicated to recruit a skilled team of data scientists (coders), modellers, technical documentation / training developers, community builders and stakeholder managers. Other important resource requirements relate to licensing appropriate technical solutions (hosting, security, workflow optimisation, etc) to support the readyforwhatsnext community.

  2. Modelling projects To advance priorities 3 and 5 above, teams with high quality plans to undertake modelling projects with readyforwhatsnext need to be backed with financing. Typically funding provided to these types of projects will be primarily spent on employing modellers, data-scientists and other researchers and on supporting processes to meaningfully engage community members, planners and other stakeholders.

If you would like to invite a funding proposal from ready4, contact the project lead.

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