Priority 6: Integrate readyforwhatsnext software with other open source tools

We want coders and modellers working in languages such as python to be able to readily use and contribute to readyforwhatsnext.


Currently all readyforwhatsnext model software is developed using the R language. Although R is powerful, popular and flexible, there are limitations to relying on this toolkit alone. For some tasks, tools written in other languages provide superior performance. Requiring coders to have knowledge of R erects barriers to participation that thus the rate and quality of ready4’s development.


We aim to support and integrate the development and use of tools to implement and extend the readyforhwatsnext in multiple languages, with an initial focus on python. The most important initial types of help we need with achieving this goal are advice, funding and code contributions.


This is a longer term program of activity that has yet to be planned. We expect the first step in this process will be convening an advisory group of interested stakeholders to help us identify appropriate actions.


We have no active plans to progress this during our current 2023-2025 activity cycle. However, we are open to providing whatever support and guidance we can to researchers and organisations who are interested in leading a project of this nature.

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