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Support the readyforwhatsnext community

Help develop high quality, clear and comprehensive documentation, instruction and responsive help.


Help other members of the readyforwhatsnext community to apply ready4 by authoring documentation, developing training and posting answers in online help. This support is essential for us to advance the following project goals:


Any community member (user or other stakeholders) can help us to improve the accessibility, clarity and usefulness of our documentation. Coders and modellers are particularly welcome to contribute support that leverages their technical expertise.


The types of support that we welcome contributions on include:

  1. Improving the documentation contained on this website. To do this, you will need a GitHub account. Once you have that, you can:
  1. Improve the documentation for specific library, executable or dataset:
  • for software documentation edits, you can use the same workflow as that for making a code contribution; and

  • for improvements to dataset documentation, we have yet to set up a streamlined workflow for this process, so for moment please contact the ready4 project lead directly if you ar interested in making this type of contribution.

  1. Contributing to developing other training and support resources (e.g. answering questions in online help, video turorials, etc). We believe that this type of content is most likely to become relevant when we have made more progress in developing the readyforwhatsnext community. But again, if you are interested in this area, please contact the project lead to discuss.